EWEA 2014 Annual Event

EWEA 2014 Annual Event, Europe’s premier wind energy event, presented an international platform for the wind energy industry to showcase and demonstrate its latest products and services. Forte engaged in a broad conference programme and unrivalled networking opportunities for new developments and possible partnerships.

National Eolien

France Energie Eolienne(FEE) invited  the major players in wind energy to exhibition at the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris. An exhibitor forum showcased all French industrial know-how. Forte participated in this international dimension and shared its experiences and perspectives in the energy market in France and abroad.

WindEnergy Hamburg

Forte recently attended the biggest wind industry fair worldwide (1200 exhibitors) which covered the whole of the value chain, both onshore and offshore. WindEnergy Hamburg gave the global wind industry a platform for dialogue and presentation of its innovation, new technologies and services. Forte participated in this dialogue with wind farm stakeholders along with WTG […]

IWEA Autumn Conference 2014

IWEA Autumn Conference 2014 “A Brighter Energy Future Together” was held on October 9th 2014 at Kilkenny Convention Centre. IWEA welcomed Irish government and companies to discuss implementation of new measures to allow general public and small investors invest in Irish wind farms. Forte used the conference to reconnect with its Irish roots and develop […]