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Employers Requirements

  • Works Contracts Templates Review and Gap Analysis
  • Project Development Data Gap Analysis
  • Employers In-house specifications review
  • Particular Specification Formulation including: 
  • – Project Site Data and Technical Scope Overviews
  • – Design, Quality, HSE, Site Management, Reporting ERs
  • – CBOP Procurement, Execution and Handover ERs
  • – EBOP Procurement, Execution and Handover ERs
  • Inspection & Testing Programme Formulation

Forte Value: Our international experience in project management and contract administration has driven our ‘lessons learned’ approach to contract documentation development, with a focus on increasing deliverable quality, reducing risk, and closing interface gaps to facilitate speedy financial close and high quality deliverables during construction.

Works Tender Documents Preparation

  • Designs for Tender (IFT)
  • Interface Matrix Formulation
  • Project Master Programme Formulation
  • Consolidating Important Developmental Data
  • Tender Deliverables and Compliance Requirements
  • Tender Instructions Formulation
  • Preparation of Invitation to Tender Letters
  • Preparation of Tender Datarooms

Forte Value: Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail! Without adequate tender document preparation a project risks delays and significant uncertainty with pricing which can delay finance close. At Forte we ensure all aspects of the project are carefully considered and detailed in the project documents to minimise risk to our clients and ensure that offers are aligned and readily comparable. 


Works Tender Management

  • Market Analysis and shortlisting of tenderers
  • Tender Package Issue
  • Clarifications/Submission Management
  • Comments and Queries Tracking
  • Technical and Commercial Assessments
  • Best and Final Offer (BAFO)   Management
  • Tender evaluation report and Employer meetings
  • Preferred Bidder Recommendation

Forte Value: Forte provides flexible Tender Management services, from technical reviews and validation of tender deliverables through to comprehensive A-Z process management. 

Negotiations Management

  • Technical Requirements and Conditions
  • Programme Negotiations and stress testing
  • CAPEX/OPEX cost optimisation/value engineering
  • Commercial Terms and Conditions 
  • Warranties and Penalties
  • Contract Wording drafting support
  • Preparation of technical documents for signing

Forte Value: Forte provides all of your technical and procurement specialist support for smooth and timely negotiations conclusion. We work with clients commercial, legal and technical teams to ensure negotiations proceed speedily and final signed documentation provides the best starting point for the construction process.

Financial Close Support

  • Lenders Due Diligence Query responses
  • Management of advanced works contracts
  • Permitting process closeout support
  • Land lease process closeout support
  • Contractor readiness tracking
  • Support with payment schedules/cashflow planning

Forte Value: Forte bridges the gap between procurement and project management teams, providing coordination support of contractors, clients and local authorities to ensure best technical support for investors to achieve on-time financial close completion and construction commencement.

Track Record

Case Studies

Sulmierzyce WF (OE-A)- Poland

LocationSulmierzyce, Poland
DeveloperOX2 Construction AB
Technology7 x Vestas 126, 3,3 MW, TH 200 m
Rated Power20 MW
StatusUnder construction – COD Q4 2022


  • Review of Building Permits, Environmental Decisions
  • Preliminary design of all roads, foundations, MV cabling, HV substation
  • Development of +/-15% cost estimate for all works
  • Value Engineering meetings with clients
  • Sensitivity analysis of project costs
  • Support with Auction application submittal 

Zary WF (OE-B)- Poland

LocationLubanice Drozkow

OX2 Construction AB


7 x Nordex N117 TS120

Capacity / COD

21 MW, 2021

RoleFID Achieved Q1 2020 – COD due Q3 2021


  • Leading technical/support commercial negotiations for BOP Contracts
  • Support for TSA and GCA contracts negotiations
  • Support in with finetuning financial models inputs
  • Support Client in complying with all local statutory requirements e.g. Permits, Licenses, HSSE
  • Technical lead for Lenders Technical Due Diligence responses
  • Finance Close support

Krasin WF (OE-C)- Poland

LocationElbląg district, South East Poland
InvestorEDP Renewables
TechnologyVestas – 10 * V126-3.45 MW HH 117m – 35 MW
ContractorsOnde & Electrum (BOP), Energa (Grid)
SOC /CODAugust 2020 – September 2021
Role/PersonnelOE – Construction Supervision
Site Man-Months8 site staff /100 man-months


Construction Preparation:
Submissions Review – Designs, Quality Plans, Materials

Construction Supervision:

  • Coordination/ Quality/ Time/Cost/Stakeholder management
  • Contract administration support
  • BOP, WTG and H&S Supervision

Handover Management

Punchlists/ Permit of Use/ Grid Licensing Coordination


Alto Sertão WF (OE-D) – Brazil

LocationGuanambí, Bahía, Brazil
OwnerBrookfield Brazil
Technology184 x  GE 1.6 MW
Rated Power254 MW
RoleTechnical Due Diligence


Foundation Design Review, Construction Data Review
Data Mining, Analysis, Selection of foundations for on-site inspections
Inspection of substation, transformers and ducts
Foundations Rebar Scanning Test, Rebound Hammer, UPT Test and Carbonation Test
Review of Roads and Platforms conditions and identify improvements
Reporting Desk Study findings, Site inspection checks, evaluation matrix