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Concept Designs

The following is undertaken for typically multiple technology models:
  • Technology Delivery and Installation Assessment
  • OEM Specification Site Compliance Analysis 
  • Constraints and interface mapping 
  • Site Access Plans
  • Assembly/Storage/Turning Areas Design
  • Site and Access Roads (approximate geometry)
  • Foundation Dimensions (estimate)
  • Electrical/Telecommunications Cable Routes
  • Electrical substation & SLDs
  • HV power lines
  • 2D Plans for further use in permitting process
  • Limited existing/proposed ground levels e.g. WTG 

FR Statement: Our WTG and Solar experts have extensive experience in layout designs for all major WTG and PV technology suppliers to ensure optimised, low-risk site layouts for planning purposes.

Permit Designs (IFP)

Depending on the market permit designs require 1) limited engineering detail or 2) significant engineering detail 

1) limited engineering permit design: see concept designs
2) detailed engineering permit design: as per concept designs plus

  • Site Investigations reports
  • Foundation Designs and Reports
  • Road designs plans, sections and reports
  • Electrical designs plans, sections and reports
  • All supporting documentation to validate permit application

FR Statement:  In certain markets, due to permitting legislation constraints, there is very limited room for post permit changes to engineering. Therefore in order to avoid replacement building permits designs need to be right first time. Fortes in-house experts and partners ensure that best in class design deliverables are provided at permit stage to minimise permit change risks to our clients.


Track Record

Case Studies

Ventelys WFs (DES-A) - France

LocationVarious locations, France
TechnologyVestas V126, V150, Siemens Gamesa SG114, SG170
Capacity / COD234 MW, 2022
RolePreliminary Road Design


Preliminary design of roads and platforms
WTG logistics feasibility study
Technical assistance for the organization of the project
Platform, layout and land lease optimizations
Review of Roads and Platforms conditions and identify improvements


Different costs and solutions for roads and hardstands required


Vallée de l’Aa Wind Farm

LocationPas de Calais, France
DeveloperERG Renew
Technology4  x Vestas V112
Rated Power14 MW
RoleProject Management/ Engineering / Supervision


Geotechnical Site Investigations (SI) Execution
Civil/Structural IFT and IFC Design Packages
Electrical IFT Design Package

Theparak 1,4 WFs (OE-C) – Thailand

LocationNakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
DeveloperWind Energy Holdings
WTG Details60 x Vestas V136 WTGs, 157m HH
Capacity / COD180 MW
RoleFoundation Designer


Foundation Design
Foundation Construction Supervision
Method Statement and Quality Documentation implementation
Drafting & obtaining Employer’s approval  of Quality Management Plan

BVDR WFs (OE-D) – NL (36-41)


Noord Holland, The Netherlands


Eurus Energy Europe (EEE)

WTG Details

13 x Vestas V90 2.0 / 2 * Enercon E70

Capacity / COD

33 MW

RoleTechnical Due Diligence


Evaluation of cracks and gaps in concrete in operational Wind Turbines
Gaps in Quality Control Documents provided by Contractor
Determining level of severity of damages in order to make warranty claim
Dealing with issues related to Contractor’s Quality Management System