Onshore Wind | Solar PV | Offshore Wind

Realisation Phase

After permits are attained, investors must take steps to realise their projects. Key aspects of Technical Due Diligence at this stage are:

Layout and Design Reviews

  • Site Surveys Review
  • Climatic Conditions Review
  • Cadastral Limitations Review
  • WTG Permitted Layout Review
  • PV Permitted Layout Review
  • BOP Design Review
  • Offsite Works Review

Forte Value: Our process combines detailed desk study and on-site review to ensure accuracy and completeness of the assessment.

Technology Review

  • Wind: Turbine Model
  • Wind: Transformer
  • Wind: MV/HV Main Components
  • Wind: SCADA Systems
  • Offshore Wind: Offshore Substations
  • Offshore Wind: Foundation Structures
  • Offshore Wind: Logistics
  • Solar PV: Modules, Inverters and Trackers

Forte Value: Our lead technology experts have over 20 years experience in wind and solar technology fields and are up-to-date with the latest technology advances and trends.


Resource / Energy Yield Assessments

  • Wind Site data: topography, roughness and forestry
  • Wind: Shear analysis, Wake losses, Secondary losses
  • Solar PV: topography, Albedo, Soiling, Temperature
  • Solar PV: Extreme Wind Loads, Erosion,
  • Storms, Degradation, Humidity
  • Wind/solar data, Long-term correction
  • Wind Uncertainties
  • PV Estimate Losses (Soiling, Mismatch, etc.)
  • Sensitivities for different scenarios (P50, P75, P90).
  • Feasibility of the net electrical energy

Forte Value: Our technical experts and partners specialise in the review and preparation of energy-yield assessments of Wind Farms and Solar PV Plants.

Land Lease and Cadastral Review

  • Plot mapping digitisation risk analysis
  • Gap Analysis of Land Lease Agreements
  • Technical Review of Land Lease Agreement
  • Temporary Works Requirements
  • Land Lease-Related Risks and Opportunities
  • Services interferences detailed review

Forte Value: One of the highest risks associated with a planned development is the obtainment of the required land parcels and the subsequent coordination of the access required to undertake the Works. Therefore, understanding the associated risks is essential when making investment decisions.


Grid Connection Review

  • Technical review of proposed PCCs
  • Financial analysis/benchmarking of GCA fees
  • Gap-Analysis, of GCA/GCC documentation
  • Risk Assessment of proposed conditions
  • Grid Code compliance checks
  • Export Cable routes constraint mapping
  • HV equipment specification analysis
  • Programme feasibility TSO /Investors works
  • CAPEX stress testing, sensitivity analysis
  • Condition discharge strategy review
Forte Value: Our team of grid connection experts have extensive experience in working with and for grid utilities and an in-depth understanding of the permitting and connection process, requirements, and risks.

Planning and Environmental Review

  • Risk Assessment of Permit/license decisions
  • Feasibility of condition compliance
  • Operational restrictions assessment
  • EGS best practice assessment
  • Health and Safety, security implications
  • Environmental Constraints, Risks
  • Aggregated Limitations assessment
  • Detailed CAPEX/OPEX implications assessment
  • Benchmarking versus international best practice

Forte Value: Our process combines detailed desk study and on-site review to ensure accuracy and completeness of the assessment.


Asset Management Contracts Review

  • Contracting Strategy assessment
  • WTG/BOP/TCM/Grid Legal Contracts Review
  • Scope of Supply versus Employers Requirements
  • Scheduled Works Review
  • Exclusions/Limitations Review
  • Contractor Obligations Review
  • Employer Obligations Review
  • Standard Service Pricing and Price Inflation
  • Payment Schedule Review
Forte Value: Our expert team use their extensive asset management experience to conduct a gap analysis and benchmarking of proposed asset management contracts.

Tariff and PPA Review

  • Existing support schemes overview/assessment
  • Obtained CFD/support contracts analysis
  • CFD/support scheme conditions risk assessment
  • Construction risk impact on support revenues
  • PPA Contracting Strategy assessment
  • PPA Offtake Obligations Review
  • PPA Generator Obligations Review

Forte Value: Our expert team conducts a thorough gap analysis on all tariff and PPA documents and works closely with investors so they are fully updated on project risks and financing impacts.

Site Inspections

  • Topographical/physical constraints and Risks Analysis
  • Review of existing utilities infrastructure
  • Check for cadastral anomalies and risks
  • Land Use review
  • Cable route constructability and Risk Analysis Grid Connection Point assessment Analysis of possible access routes and strategies Access Road constrains and Risk Analysis
Forte Value: Our expert engineering and construction professionals have the full-cycle knowledge of .wind and solar projects to undertake risk assessments of proposed plans in project documents versus actual site conditions.

Construction Contracts Review

  • Contracting Strategy Assessment
  • OEM Supply Agreement Review
  • Warranty Obligations
  • BOP Contract(s) Review
  • Construction Management Agreement Review
  • Grid Connection Agreement Review
  • Power Purchase Agreement Review
  • Contract Interface and Integration Analysis

Forte Value: Our background in project management and contract administration has driven our ‘lessons learned’ approach to contract documentation, with a focus on increasing deliverable quality, reducing risk, and closing interface gaps.  


Project Costs & Financial Model

  • Assess financial model/business case assumptions
  • Analyse production, availability, OPEX and forecast
  • Detailed BOP CapEx Review and stress testing
  • Detailed TSA CapEx Review and stress testing
  • Detailed Grid Connection Fees Review
  • Detailed Development and PM Fees Review
  • Detailed OPEX Forecasting review
  • Identify key risks, opportunities, and mitigations

Forte Value: Our local market knowledge, value engineering principles, and strong commercial experience are trusted to perform robust analysis on all CAPEX and OPEX reviews and formulation.


  • Interim Memos/Reports
  • Inventory Gap Analysis Report
  • Risk Assessment / Flag List
  • Land Lease Listing & Risk Report
  • Site Assessment Report
  • Scope Checklists & Summaries
  • Layouts and Drawings
  • CAPEX and OPEX Reports
  • Final TDD Report
Forte Value: Our TDD team uses our in-house systems to conduct risk assessments per subject and trace their impact across the project to generate comprehensive and reliable reporting to guide investors project investment decisions.

Track Record

Case Studies

Glogow WF (TDD-A) - Poland


Żukowice district, South-East Poland

DeveloperEDP Renewables


Supplier TBC – 5 WTG – 24 MW


110/30kV WF Sub – HV Line- DSO 110kV Substation


Permit application in 2022 (to be confirmed)


Development Review

Zoning Plans, Land lease Agreements, Environmental Impact

Technical Analysis and Feasibility
  • Route Survey and Access Risk Assessment
  • WTG Location Analysis and Micrositing
  • Preliminary BOP Design
Financial Feasibility

CAPEX cost estimates for proposed

Piotrków Kujawski WF (TDD-B) - Poland


Kujawy – Pomerania voivodship, Northern Poland


Nordex– 7*N117 (x3.5MW) H120 – 25 MW


110/30kV WF Sub – 150m HV line – DSO 110kV Sub


FID Achieved in November 2020, COD in May 2022


Development ReviewBuilding Permits
Environment Decisions
Zoning Cadastral Check
Technical Analysis and FeasibilityGrid Connection Agreement Review
Financial FeasibilityCapex Evaluation
ERG 2020

Shantavny WF (TDD-C) - N. Ireland

LocationGarvaghy, Co. Tyrone
DeveloperBrookfield Renewable
WTG Details7 x Enercon E70
Capacity / COD14 MW
StatusCOD Achieved in 2017 


Design Review CAT III (FDN)
Construction Checks
Due Diligence Reporting
Executed Construction QA

BVDR WFs (TDD-D) - The Netherlands

LocationNoord Holland, The Netherlands
DeveloperEurus Energy Europe 
WTG Details13 x Vestas V90 2.0, 2 x Enercon E70
Capacity / COD33 MW
StatusCOD Achieved in 2017


Constriction/Operation Contracts Review

Evaluation of foundation issues in operational Wind Turbines

As-built documentation/operational documents review
Determining severity of damages in order to make warranty claim
Asset management measures identification