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Site Investigations Management

  • Site Surveys Tender preparation
  • Site Surveys Tender and Negotiations Management
  • Site Investigations Project Management
  • Interpretation Reports Review
  • Seismic Assessments
  • Topographical Survey
  • Land Use Survey
  • Hydrogeological Assessments
  • Site Risk Assessments & Trouble-Shooting
  • Hydrological Assessments

Forte Value: The scope and quality of the initial investigations regime have significant impact on the accuracy (therefore efficiency) of project pricing and planning. Forte has significant experience of managing the contracting and quality of investigations to ensure best quality data is obtained for input to project designs. 

Employer Tender Designs (IFT)

Forte can provide design documentation as follows : 


  • Foundation Designs and Reports
  • Road designs plans, sections and reports
  • Electrical designs plans, sections and reports
  • All supporting design documentation to support tender

Forte Value: Forte provides clients with high quality engineering design inputs to their Employers tender design package. Designs are sufficiently detailed to allow comprehensive pricing by contractors which assists greatly in Employers shortlisting of contractors. 


Contractor Tender Designs (IFT)

Forte can provide designs as follows at this stage: 
1) as part of Employers tender package
2) as part of contractors tender submission (if Employer’s tender lacks a sufficiently detailed specimen design)

  • Site Layout Plans & 3D Modelling
  • Indicative Road & Hardstand Profiles
  • Foundation Dimensions & Volumes
  • Cabling and Trench Design and Routing
  • Substation layouts and specifications
  • Cut – Fill Analysis
  • Bill of Quantities & Cost Schedules
  • Draft Technical Specifications

Forte Value: Contractor’s often face difficulty determining suitable quantity and construction complexity variables for their commercial calculations to form their tender submission. Forte alleviates this difficulty by providing high-accuracy tender designs and models, methodology advice, BoQ formulation, and, if required by the client, full cost estimations based on our extensive market experience.

Tender Design Review

  • Foundation Designs and Reports
  • Road designs plans, sections and reports
  • Electrical designs plans, sections and reports
  • Cut – Fill Analysis
  • Bill of Quantities & Cost Schedules
  • Draft Technical Specifications
  • All supporting design documentation to support tender
Forte Value: a key part of the Employers Tender Management activities is to ascertain if designs prepared by the Contractor are feasible, economical and compliant with project constraints. Forte in-house design and construction experts ensure that Employers can receive a robust analysis of contractors tender designs to fully inform their Contractors shortlisting process. 

Track Record

Case Studies

Ventelys WFs (DES-A) - France

LocationVarious locations, France
TechnologyVestas V126, V150, Siemens Gamesa SG114, SG170
Capacity / COD234 MW, 2022
RolePreliminary Road Design


Preliminary design of roads and platforms
WTG logistics feasibility study
Technical assistance for the organization of the project
Platform, layout and land lease optimizations
Review of Roads and Platforms conditions and identify improvements


Different costs and solutions for roads and hardstands required


Vallée de l’Aa Wind Farm

LocationPas de Calais, France
DeveloperERG Renew
Technology4  x Vestas V112
Rated Power14 MW
RoleProject Management/ Engineering / Supervision


Geotechnical Site Investigations (SI) Execution
Civil/Structural IFT and IFC Design Packages
Electrical IFT Design Package

Theparak 1,4 WFs (OE-C) – Thailand

LocationNakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
DeveloperWind Energy Holdings
WTG Details60 x Vestas V136 WTGs, 157m HH
Capacity / COD180 MW
RoleFoundation Designer


Foundation Design
Foundation Construction Supervision
Method Statement and Quality Documentation implementation
Drafting & obtaining Employer’s approval  of Quality Management Plan

BVDR WFs (OE-D) – NL (36-41)


Noord Holland, The Netherlands


Eurus Energy Europe (EEE)

WTG Details

13 x Vestas V90 2.0 / 2 * Enercon E70

Capacity / COD

33 MW

RoleTechnical Due Diligence


Evaluation of cracks and gaps in concrete in operational Wind Turbines
Gaps in Quality Control Documents provided by Contractor
Determining level of severity of damages in order to make warranty claim
Dealing with issues related to Contractor’s Quality Management System