Asset Management

Design Reviews & Root Cause Analysis Initial analysis to identify probable cause (design/construction) Executive Designs Review As-Built Documentation Review Construction Quality Documentation review Test Results Analysis Non-Conformance and Defects Review Asset Management reporting review Maintenance Program Review Forte Value: Our process combines detailed desk study and on-site review to ensure accuracy and completeness of the […]


Execution Designs (IFC) Foundation Detailing MV and HV Electrical Detailing Substation Building Detailing Roads & Hardstands Detailing Designers Specifications Basis of Design Reports Detailed design reports and drawings Construction Method Statements Designers Risk Analysis Quality Documentation Development   Forte Value: Forte and its specialist partners (including our foundations partner CTE Wind) provide full design-scope solutions […]


Site Investigations Management Site Surveys Tender preparation Site Surveys Tender and Negotiations Management Site Investigations Project Management Interpretation Reports Review Seismic Assessments Topographical Survey Land Use Survey Hydrogeological Assessments Site Risk Assessments & Trouble-Shooting Hydrological Assessments Forte Value: The scope and quality of the initial investigations regime have significant impact on the accuracy (therefore efficiency) of […]


Concept Designs The following is undertaken for typically multiple technology models: Technology Delivery and Installation Assessment OEM Specification Site Compliance Analysis  Constraints and interface mapping  Site Access Plans Assembly/Storage/Turning Areas Design Site and Access Roads (approximate geometry) Foundation Dimensions (estimate) Electrical/Telecommunications Cable Routes Electrical substation & SLDs HV power lines 2D Plans for further use […]