Forte host a workshop at PSEW Conference in Serock

If you are interested in learning about the new requirement for WTG certification to enable grid connection of your wind farm, we would like to invite you to join Forte’s workshop “WTG Certificates Procedures to Obtain Grid Connection Compliance with NC RfG” at the upcoming PSEW conference in Serock. The workshop will be led by […]


Realisation Phase After permits are attained, investors must take steps to realise their projects. Key aspects of Technical Due Diligence at this stage are: Layout and Design ReviewsTechnology ReviewResource / Energy Yield Assessments Land Lease and Cadastral Review Grid Connection ReviewPlanning and Environmental ReviewAsset Management Contracts ReviewTariff and PPA Review Site InspectionsConstruction Contracts ReviewProject Costs & […]

Asset Management

Land usage reviews Gap Analysis of each Land Lease Agreements Technical Review Land Lease Agreement Analysis of Compliance with Lease Requirements Check requirements for eventual extensions Issues with local communities review Temporary Works Requirements Investigation of existing legal claims Services interferences detailed review Land Lease-Related Risks and Opportunities Forte Value: Our process combines detailed desk study […]


Wind Project Feasibility Studies Climatic Data Collation and Analysis Concept BOP Design, Transport Logistics, Off-Site Works Physical and Zoning Constraints Analysis (GIS) Environmental Assessments Grid Connection Concept and Optioneering Ground Conditions & site constraints evaluations Technology Options Analysis WTG Layout & Positioning Review/Micrositing Electrical Losses Calculation Preliminary AEP, uncertainties calculations Preliminary CAPEX / OPEX Formulation Forte […]


Construction Phase After the financial close/financial investment decision is achieved, projects move ahead to construction preparation and execution. Key aspects of Technical Due Diligence at this stage are: As per realisation phasePermit/Licence Condition ComplianceDesign Management ReviewsQuality Management Reviews HSE Management ReviewsConstruction Site AuditHandover Planning ReviewsProject Costs & Financial Model As per realisation phase Layout and Design […]