If you are interested in learning about the new requirement for WTG certification to enable grid connection of your wind farm, we would like to invite you to join Forte’s workshop “WTG Certificates Procedures to Obtain Grid Connection Compliance with NC RfG” at the upcoming PSEW conference in Serock.

The workshop will be led by our guest speaker Mr. Sławomir Migowski, grid connection certification expert.

During the workshop, we will discuss the subject of the use of certificates in the process of connecting WTGs to the grid in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/631 of April 14, 2016 establishing the grid code of requirements for producers – NC RfG. The two-year transition period for verification of code requirements with certification has ended and new regulations apply from August 1 2021 which we will discuss at the Workshop.

Additionally, you can request a copy of the report prepared by Forte’s Project Manager Artur Olszak “Insights on the Network code of requirements for connecting generating units to the grid (NC RfG).”(PL: “Kodeks sieci dotyczący wymogów w zakresie przyłączenia jednostek wytwórczych do sieci (NC RfG).”)

Click here https://bit.ly/forte-report

We also invite you to read the most recent article of Sławomir Migowski on this subject (available in Polish)

“Od 1 sierpnia obowiązują nowe przepisy certyfikacji przyłączenia modułów wytwarzania energii do sieci elektroenergetycznych. O czym należy pamiętać?”