Forte team – Fergal O’Mahony (Managing Director) and Agnieszka Nowakowska (Design Manager) – took part in the charity run at the recent PSEW conference.

We were delighted to see Agnieszka crossing the finish line as the fastest female and watch her receiving the medal during the gala dinner.

“Run like a wind” – a 5 km long run along the Narew River took place on the second day of the event and was well attended by the participants representing many companies exhibiting or attending the conference.

While the focus was on having fun, the competition was fierce. Medals were waiting for the best runners, and the efforts of all running enthusiasts and sports spirit were awarded with commemorative diplomas.

The winners donated the prize to the charity foundation “Sparkle” supporting children fighting cancer and their families.

We are happy we could take part in this sporting event and thank you for cheering Forte along the route.

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