In today’s dynamic and demanding business world, acquiring and retaining top-class talent is becoming a key challenge for every organization. The value that an employer provides to its employees is the basic pillar of success both in the field of human resources management and in building a strong employer image. At Forte Renewables, we believe that it is important to be interested in the opinions and feelings of our employees about the workplace, and we pay particular attention to relationships with them and what they think about our company. That’s why also this time we decided to reach out to the source and ask about their experiences and what makes Forte Renewables a unique place to work. For this purpose, in September of this year, we conducted a survey which, after compiling the results, allowed us to select an Employee Value Proposition (EVP). That is a set of unique values that Forte Renewables offers its employees and job candidates. EVP can also be defined as the answer to the question “Why?” – why do you work for our company or why did you decide to accept our job offer? Its results fill us with pride and satisfaction. Thanks to the answers obtained, we were able to create a list of TOP 5 authentic and unique values that define what distinguishes Forte Renewables. Here they are:
  1. Friendly Team
Our company is a place where cooperation, respect and support are worth their weight in gold. Our employees support each other, striving for common success.
  1. Opportunity for Personal and Professional Development
For us, developing competences and gaining new experiences is a priority. Thanks to interesting projects, we have the opportunity to shape our careers in line with our ambitions.
  1. Flexibility in Working Hours and Remote Work
For us, work is not only a place, but also a time. Flexible working hours and the possibility of remote work allow us to manage our time more effectively, combining professional and private life.
  1. Positive Atmosphere
The atmosphere in our company promotes motivation and professional satisfaction. A positive approach to work is a daily occurrence for us.
  1. Working in an International Environment
Our company offers unique development opportunities in an international environment. This is an excellent opportunity to gain international experience and establish contacts with people from different cultures. In addition to these key points, the study also identified other important elements, such as the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes, support in implementing one’s own ideas, and ongoing feedback. We also offer the opportunity to improve your English skills (daily work in an international team) and provide transparent finances. Our values are not just words, but our reality. They define us as a reliable employer, attract talents and build lasting relationships with our employees. If you are interested in a career at Forte Renewables, check who we are looking for and send us your CV!  

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