Wind Power is now the fastest growing source of power generation in Brazil. Since 2009, when the Brazilian government took a series of incentive measures to introduce Wind Power in the Brazilian energy matrix, the energy auctions have already contracted about 6,7GW of installed power.

And this rapid growth is just beginning. Nowadays, Wind Power is the most competitive among all sources of electricity, second only to large hydroelectric plants, which are increasingly difficult to install due to environmental issues in Brazil.

Therefore, the winds that bring renewable energy to Brazil also create great opportunities for your company. The 6,7GW of new power already contracted, and to be installed, ensures a potencial market investment around USD15BI in the coming years.

The Brazilian Wind Power potential is estimated at 300GW and the expectation of the energy industry is to contract at least another 2,5GW per year until 2020. Adding, as of 2012, an extra 20GW of Wind Power to the system, at projected investments around USD50BI.

There is no better moment for your company to take advantage of the thriving Wind Power market in Latin America. The 5TH BWP Conference & Exhibition is the best opportunity to be part of the Brazilian and Latin American wind market. Now is the time to ensure your company’s participation in the largest Wind Power event in Latin America

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