Wind farm asset management – involvement and reward!

Last time I provided an introduction to Wind Farm Asset Management (AM) and related costs so now we can move along to the next logical step….how to target cost savings. In order to maximise profits a wind farm owner must consider 1) what involvement they should have when managing their assets and 2) what stage […]

5 Things Poland’s Growing Offshore Wind Industry Can Learn From Other Countries

5 Things Poland’s Growing Offshore Wind Industry Can Learn From Other Countries

Poland’s offshore wind energy market is about to take off, having signed its first Offshore Wind Sector Deal in 2021. The aim is to maximise domestic production, development and installation activities, developing 5.9GW of offshore wind energy by 2030. In this article, ForteIX reflects on its extensive offshore experience in many countries and highlights 5 […]

Time to Embrace the Drone for Wind Farm Development?

The recent Consumer Electronics Show in Los Vegas showcased Segway mounted electronic butlers, virtual reality headsets and the latest electric supercars. Not to be left out of the fun I thought it’s time to see if wind farm development needs an electronic shake up and if its time to embrace a favourite man-toy: the Drone. […]

Wind Farm Engineering– Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Pay More!

How can wind farm developers achieve best in class project CAPEX costs? Similar to the strategy for achieving OPEX savings*, significant client involvement is needed; this time in the development and construction processes. Simply put – put the correct structure in place and savings will follow. Developer Involvement There are 3 principal involvement choices: 1) Passive (Financial […]

Wind farm asset management – it’s not that complicated

If you are an experienced Wind Farm Operator successfully managing a portfolio of wind farms then you can skip this article. However, if like the silent majority of people involved in the wind industry, who are confused by the terminology used, when discussing operating wind farms then read on because perhaps I can remove some […]

Forte at PSEW 2021 – photo gallery

FORTE was delighted to be an Official Partner and a Gala Dinner Sponsor of this year’s Polish Wind Energy Association conference that took place between 30 August and 1 September 2021 in Serock, Poland. The event was a great opportunity to meet with our partners and clients, as well as to showcase our services to […]